A Crazy Move Forward


Some keen observers may have been able to see the move coming as today marks the closing of a chapter in our Rainbow Six Siege history as our roster moves on to the Croatian organisation CR4ZY.

Daniel, Co-founder of MnM had the following words to say:

The roster has shown immense talent and promise that built on the legacy left by the legendary first MnM Siege roster . This has no doubt been because of the amount of work they do in the background. Now I’m happy that there is a new home for them that can provide even more support for the team that will further help them achieve their full potential and qualify for Pro League Pro League.

Luka m4niac Matijevic, manager of CR4ZY’s Rainbow Six team had the following words to say:

After months of scouting we have finally found great potential in the now former MnM roster and are very excited to start a new chapter with the players as they rise to the top of the scene. Big thank you to Daniel and Kalvin for their dedication to the whole process of transferring the players to their new homes and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours.

When we re-entered the Rainbow Six scene in September 2019 we believed that we could help develop the team with the correct support. We were right. The team that came on board into the scene as “no names” and will be leaving as the infamous MnM roster that went UKMassive qualifying for Challenger League and almost qualifying for the Six Invitationals as rookies beating G2 and Team Vitality along the way.

However this does not mean that our journey in Rainbow Six has come to an end and we will as always continue to support and help develop teams in the scene.

The Departing Roster:

Max DATS Mcell
Peter Pacbull Bull
Nathan Nathan Sharp
Jonas Jonka Kaczmarzyk
Leo M4DMAN Kukielka
Ramiz rcuth Cuthbert

Former Members:
Ethan Drak Man

Notable Achievements under MnM:
Qualified | Challenger League Season 11
2nd | ESL Premiership Winter 2019
3rd | Six Invitational Closed Qualifiers



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