Behind the Scenes of MnM – Part 2


Hello again! Let’s continue on from last week’s fun article. Now I have actually been pondering all week on what to continue on with when it comes to describing what happens or happened behind the scenes here at MnM. There’s simply a lot to tell and I have a dilemma in deciding where to start! But why not start back from where we left off, the absolute moment that MnM was starting to materialise. Now, just as the title of the article describes we metaphorically stood there with absolutely no idea what to do. In terms of managing a team we had zero experience never mind several! This lack of experience ranged from running servers to pouring cups of tea! I jest about the tea we’re British at heart after all tea and crumpets for everyone! Anyhow at this stage you must have a good clear picture of how clueless we were. Nevertheless Kalvin and I strode on to try our best because what we figured was that an organisation wouldn’t run itself and we’d just have to learn and adapt as we went along.

What we had envisioned MnM to be like was a place where all players no matter how serious or how experienced could come together to learn together. I’ve essentially just described a clan structure similar to Clan Mystik. Although inspired by the style of Seananner’s videos (yes I’m also a fanboy of seananners too!) we wanted to try and develop a YouTube following too where we’d get fans to come in with us to play together and just have fun with us. For this to happen we both had to pick up skills we’d never touched or developed. I took on the task of learning to video edit since I was always amazed by the old CS:S frag montages; Synced 2, Slife or Clayman’s Incorporated 2. You can probably still see some of my first attempts on our YouTube channel. Albeit they’re not fantastic and some of the frag clips weren’t amazing such that some players asked why I used them. Though the reason behind why is simple really. I made the videos to practice techniques, sort of like those maths exercises you had drilled into you back in school all those years ago. You can sort of see that with each new video the quality of editing improved and I wasn’t the only one to improve or gain new skills of course. Kalvin also picked many skills such as graphic design which allows him to knock out many of MnM’s graphics in many of our post updates as well as our jersey design. A little known fact is that he also produces graphics for other people and organisations as practice but it also helps that he has an arty background I attached one of his many little works below.IMG-20140501-WA0004

One of Kalvin’s many sketches, Pika Pika!

That mentioned Kalvin is probably the main workforce behind MnM since it is him doing probably about 80% of the work. Hence you could say these articles are a result of some sort of a guilt trip. I kid I kid. In reality I was figuring other ways I could help the organisation out that’d fit my current situation (I live across the otherside of the world). I also wanted to connect with our fans a little bit more so here I am writing articles which hopefully you’re all enjoying.

Now where were we… Ahh yes the future vision for MnM from the past but for today, if that makes sense. You can see what we had envisioned for MnM in the beginning isn’t quite what we have today. We never thought we’d get the stage we are at today. The main point is that even though we never knew how or what to do in order to run an eSports organisation, not knowing what to do didn’t really stop us. Along the way we’ve had the opportunity to gain a lot of experiences as well as offering experiences to the teams that we’ve had along the way which made this journey worth travelling. I’d like to also end this week’s article just to thank everyone for taking the time to read my somewhat random disorganised thoughts in an article form. I’d like to think that I’m connecting to at least one of our fans out there. Also do not hesitate to give feedback or ask me anything by leaving a comment below or on our Facebook page. Maybe it’d give some inspiration for next week’s article but I’ll definitely be looking forward to writing it, see you all next week!


This printed image is one of Kalvin’s graphics he produced earlier this year, he’s definitely proud to be a Marshmallow. Made in celebration to mark our first year as an organisation! ┬áHis friends┬ásays nay but surely we marshmallows all must be thinking yay!



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