Counter-Strike EU Departure


After nearly 5 months of playing under the MnM Banner, we sadly must announce the departure of our Counter-Strike:GO team in Germany. Joining us during Christmas 2014, we have seen the team form and grow into something we are very proud to have represent us. During their time they have built up both a strong reputation and allowed their potential shine through, striving forward to what we hope will be an illustrious eSports career.

Freestyle had left us with a few words to say:

Hello guys,

Today is quite a sad day but also a day where we make another step into the future.

When I joined the team I was quite surprised how nice MnM is overall. They showed me that even a small organisation can make you feel nice as a player. Overall the way we worked together with MnM wasn’t a strict regime – the feeling of the team was more like a small family.

So it’s even more sad to announce that we will leave MnM.

We haven’t difficulties, we didn’t have any real troubles either. It is just that we as a team had to leave and the reasons are known to MnM. It is hard to leave an organisation which is actually really nice and supports you to their bones and blood.  The crew behind MnM is so handsome and you can’t even describe how fast and how much you start to love them. Anyway as I mention above this is not only a sad announcement. By leaving MnM, we were able to pave another way. It is not only the roster change that brought something new to the team, it is something big that I will announce in a few days. I don’t really know how to finish this, so all I can say is a big thank you to MnM, you guys are really awesome and I hope you won’t change the way you are. We had a really good time with you and I wish you and everyone behind MnM the best for the future.

It has been an absolute pleasure to have the team represent us. We’d like to wish them the best in the future and hope that wherever they go they cherish their times with MnM.

Timo xeni Mangold (c)
Sebastian xenn Hoch
Stefan stfN Seier
Michael Freestyle Rauh
Previous Members
Quoc-Sang SenseiSai Duong
Tilman zep Dreyer
Markus maRky Reitenbach
Tobias troubley Tabbery (Sub)


There are were a number of achievements that the team had achieved under MnM, notably the unfortunate loss of 16-13 against Lemondogs at Copenhagen Games and their win against ESC Gaming 16-7 in the PGL Championships Qualifier. Here is a list of their online achievements:


Placing Event Date
3-4 FaceIt Dreamhack Qualifier 11-04-2015
2 Gfinity Cup 09-04-2015
2 Gfinity Cup 26-03-2015
1 Gfinity Cup 19-03-2015
1 Gfinity Premium 17-03-2015
1 Gfinity Cup 05-03-2015
4 ESEA Intermediate S18 02-03-2015
2 Ducks SteelSeries League 2015 #1 02-03-2015
2 Gfinity Cup 27-02-2015
1 Gfinity Cup 29-01-2015
2 Gfinity Cup 15-01-2015
5-8 Gfinity Cup 08-01-2015


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