League of Legends is one of the most popular competitive online games in the world. The game pits two teams of 5 against each other in an intense game; the goal of each team is to defeat the opponent’s base (aka. The Nexus). 

Champions are playable characters where players can choose from over 100 different types and combine them with thousands of variations in gameplay. This is what makes League of Legends exciting as each game is different. Each Champion excels in different areas with abilities focusing more on damage, stunning (crowd control), map pressure or helping your team stay alive.


There are 5 very different roles in League of Legends that impact the game in each own way. Each has their strengths and weaknesses but all are required to win effectively.

The top lane is usually the most isolated role for the most part of the game. Playing champions that contribute to the team’s overall fighting power, disabling enemies and being extremely resilient; by having lots of health, armour and magic resistance. They can also play champions that are great in 1-on-1’s, making them ideal for split pushing strategies.


The jungle role is incredibly versatile with tanks, bruisers, assassins and even high-damage dealers all being able to be played. The jungler controls a lot of what happens in the early stages of the game by obtaining and denying vision, flanking lanes and pressuring the enemy jungler. They are also responsible for smiting away key objectives throughout the game.


The mid lane is one built on variety, with safe ranged mages to all out assassins battling it out to control the most strategically important location on the map. They typically lack of lot of defence but pack a real punch.


The Marksman brings precision and deadly damage to face the enemy team. Often not as agile or mobile as other teammates but makes up for it with enough damage to wipe out the enemy team. They shoot from afar and lack a lot of defence so they’re often the ones to be kept safe with the support.


The support of the team is what binds each player together. Providing information on the enemy team to be utilised by their more powerful teammates. What they lack in strength they make up for with protection and support for the team. Information, defence and teamwork are the keys to success here.

Each team has to pick 5 champions and ban 5 champions. This allows teams to target ban their enemy’s best champions or compositions and pull the game into their favour before it has even begun. Pick and ban is where games are lost and won because if you are unable to choose the best composition to win the game, then it is very much an uphill battle.

There are a few key areas to look at when watching League of Legends to see which team has the edge. Of course these are only indicators as League of Legends is a complex game and these are only indicators as a team could have more gold but not necessarily be ahead.


Gold buys items, items means more power and more power means more chances of winning.


Towers protect your base, and the more towers one team destroys, the more gold they have and the closer they are to destroying the enemy nexus.

Taking down an opponent means you get more gold, and more pressure on the map as they will have to wait to respawn before they can join their team in the fight again. Generally speaking the more takedowns one team has, the more gold and the more chance they have of winning.


Items are what you buy gold with and having more items gives you an edge over your opponent, so the more completed items a player has, the stronger they are.


The map may look complicated to new viewers however it is quite simple, 3 lanes and a jungle. Although the way the lanes and jungle can be played are very complex at the highest level, it is very easy to understand.


Top Lane, Mid Lane and the Bot Lane correspond to positions of players and of where the lanes are on the map. This is where a lot of the action happens and where you push forward towards the enemy base.

The Jungle is where the jungler lives and plays and it is filled with monsters to be slain for gold and experience. However there also live 3 large monsters or objectives that grant a buff to the team that slay it, so control over the jungle is vital.

Dragon (Drake) – grants permanent increase in stats to the team that slays it varying from health regeneration, damage, defence and ability cooldowns. When a team collects

  • Cloud Drake – Grants a  permanent increase in the movement speed.
  • Infernal Drake – Grants a permanent increase in the damage the slaying team deals to opponents.
  • Mountain Drake – Grants a permanent reduction in the damage received from opponents.
  • Ocean Drake – Grants permanent healing to the slaying team every 5 seconds.

Rift Herald – a strong beast that when slain can be summoned to help the team in taking down enemy towers and defences.

Baron Nashor – granting a strong temporary buff to all allies and ally minions making it difficult for the enemy team to stand their ground.

Elder Dragon – the most powerful of all the dragons that grants a temporary buff that can instantly take down enemies whose health falls to a certain threshold. This also increases the previous dragon buffs that the team received.