Rainbow 6 Siege is about attacking and defending an objective and whoever successful wins the most rounds doing so, wins the game.

There are a lot of maps in the game and each map is played differently, this is why we see certain teams excel at a style of map but may suffer from a more slow paced map. This makes the game incredibly exciting as there are many maps and many ways to play each one.


Operators are playable characters that each have their own special ability, whether it be throwing toxic smokes to stop the enemy in their tracks or breaking down walls to create new ways to reach your objective. They are split into Attack and Defence and they excel in those areas.

UKIN Competitive Map Pick and Ban Phase

Rainbow 6 Siege not only has a lot of maps but a lot of operators and so pick and bans are what spice the games up. Banning away your opponent’s best operators or picking the best for yourself can really make the difference when it comes to those clutch moments to win the game.


The game is split into two parts: Attack and Defence. Each half lasts 6 rounds before the teams swap and the first team to win 7 rounds wins the map.


Different operators have different abilities, but it is not just the player’s ability to aim that wins games. The team that utilises their drones and utility the best gives them an edge to take the victory. Droning or drones are used to identify where the opponents are hiding which gives that advantage when it comes to firefights. Utility is important as it is finite but can make all the difference during the round. It can be used to block off or force your way through different sections of the map