EU Challenger League Qualifiers


The departure of fonkers the week before EU Challenger League Qualifier Playoffs has been a troubling one. We are delighted that the Finnish star will be taking the next step in his career but this has left us to fill the gap for the playoffs to come tomorrow.

We have been trialing several options to replace the long standing member and we’ve decided on the man from Poland, Szymon Saves Kamieniak. The former teammate of Kendrew had strong performances in the previous season of the EU Challenger League. They both played together during their international appearance at Dreamhack Winter and we’re delighted to have someone with existing synergy with our In Game Leader given the short time we have until playoffs.

I am just happy to have been picked up and I am happy with the performance of the team and their dedication and motivation to achieve more. After the iteration of PACT with myself and Kendrew disbanded, we had always wanted to stay together. I am happy to be playing with Kendrew again and it is nice to have a familiar face on this new roster that I am joining.

Saves | Twitter

Saves’ Notable Achievements:

1st Polish Masters League
5-8th Dreamhack Winter
3rd Challenger League Season 8 Europe

The Journey So Far


The EU Challenger League has been a difficult and long journey. There were 4 qualifiers,with each lasting one week, which started in January and ran through to February. The higher the placement in each qualifier, the more points you got. We fought hard, even finished top of Qualifier #1, until we were able to finish 1st at the end of all 4 qualifiers.

The top 16 highest scoring teams from the Open Qualifier are then placed into a double-elimination bracket.


1st – MnM Gaming (190 points)
2nd – NYYRIKKI Esports (147 points)
3rd – CLICK (135 points)
4th – forZe (110 points)
5th – Ouroboros (108 points)
6th – Xtreme Video Esports (107 points)
7th – Nordik Esport (90 points)
8th – Trust Gaming (90 points)
9th – LAATD (48 points)
10th – Who Knows (45 points)
11th – Team GamerLegion (38 points)
12th – Oui Oui (25 points)
13th – x6tence (22 points)
14th – RED UNION (21 points)
15th – GSAQ (18 points)
16th – Dragon Esports Club (18 points)

Where to watch

Watch live video from rainbowsix_uk on
With the Open Qualifiers now over, it is time for the Closed Qualifier Playoffs. Rainbow 6 UK will be following our entire journey on their Twitch so you’ll not miss a single game.

Date: 25th Feb 2019
Start Time: 18:00 GMT
Rainbow 6 Twitter: @Rainbow6_UK


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