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The final UK LAN event of the year has arrived with the 56th iteration of Multiplay’s Insomnia Series being hosted for the first time at the Birmingham NEC. As you will already know we recently announced the return of Somprasert “s0m” Haddow to the UK CS scene debuting for MnM alongside quiver, vertiGo, Benkofk and mortism.

The line-up attending the event is as follows:

(UK) Tom “quiver” Griffiths | Twitter
(UK) Tom “vertiGo” Rockliffe | Twitter
(UK) Somprasert “s0m” Haddow | Twitter
(UK) Ben “BenkofK” Pratt | Twitter
(UK) Luke “mortism” Webster

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Joe “luster” Asquith will be standing in for Tom “vertiGo” Rockliffe for Friday.

About The Tournament

Team Size: 5
Maximum Teams: 128
Registered Teams: 54
Start Date: Friday, 11th December
End Date: Sunday, 13th December
Prize Pool: £7500
1st: £3.250
2nd: £1,500
3rd: £900
4th: £450
5th-8th: £225

Live Stream: Multiplay_CSGO


(Courtesy of

  1. Team ROCCATsuNny, stonde, CISU, juho, xarte
  2. Team InfusedredsNK, CRUC1AL, Whindanski, ZED, robiin
  3. onlineBOTSNuga, Cheti, Fetjz, HS, Alex
  4. fm-eSportsImmi, Joee, Powell, MightyMax, Esio
  5. CAZ eSportsjakem, keita, r0m, dephh, Kryptix
  6. CeXSurreal, Boaster, Cinder, kARMApangya, Resu
  7. Molotovs n Marshmallowsquiver, vertiGo, s0m, benkofk, mortism
  8. Monumentalismaxxyb, Dudley, EB, xfp, Hennerz
  9. uFragadamxoxo, Yoshi, RIXJ, HyPeIzBack, Peggyyyyy
  10. AT-GamingslaYn, flashzor, luosrevo, xilo, amose
  11. Perilous FurybALth, maltBEE, Speedy, debaser, abiii
  12. MINISTRYeddie, ashhh, Superboom Linden, Rhaz, RAWRCHICKEN
  13. 2seXehcpr, vpr, Bodkin, crmj, chz
  14. Rasta GamingJacky, LogaN, Jak3y, Gito, Mardan
  15. Playhackcookeh, m1tchwee, scruffy, NipXe, zirken
  16. BarrageEMPEROR, dreams, jenko, fisher[A], logzii

For More information about the tournament click here.

For a more detailed look at groups and seedings please view the following article.

The team has been seeded 7th due to strong competition from teams present and the uncertainty that the reshuffling of the team brings. The team aims to place highly in the CS:GO tournament however the road to such a placing will be very challenging. Why? For many reasons, first and foremost two European teams are attending this iSeries, former players from Team Roccat and OnlineBOTS.

Nothing more need be said about players from Team Roccat. However OnlineBOTS is a mix team containing a few players from United Estonia’s line-up who are current champions of the ESL UK Premiership, how much this translates will depend upon the overall team’s experience. But there is no doubt that OnlineBOTS will definitely pose a challenge. On top of the visitors from Europe there are other top teams attending the event , CAZ esports (who qualified for SLTV), Team Infused, CeX and FM eSports (former Choke Gaming lineup). With the large presence of such talented teams there is sure to be many tense and close games with the top places definitely open to anyone.

Be sure to check back here for the team’s progress in the CS:GO tournament as well as an inside perspective of i56.

Day 1

[Update 18:23 GMT ] MnM have taken their first win in the group stages against Aerox eSports with 16 rounds to 5.

[Update 18:41 GMT ]Currently GOTV isn’t available so matches can’t be watched outside of the streams. We’ll post any information we have regarding this issue.

[Update 18:56 GMT ] MnM are going into their second game of the group stages against LANdslide.

[Update 18:56 GMT ] MnM win their second (Vs. LANdslide) and third game (Vs. cLn).



[Update 21:23 GMT ] MnM win their fourth game against Klaus_Hugo 16 rounds against 2 on de_cache.




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