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The Intel TheNes 2015 is described as a LAN with a “unique structure that no one has ever organised before”. Team eSuba are organising this event to take place from 14th – 16th of August in the Czech Republic. Our very own Martin Kappa Krompolc has been one of the 16 to be invited to this 2 night event to have a chance at grabbing a portion of the €1300 prize pool. According to Mania-Actu, the format of the event is as follows:


Image taken from Mania-Actu

Tournament structure:
1vs1 style
Invitational system
16 players will be seeded into a single-elimination bracket
the seeding will NOT be done in TrackMania (special seeding contest to be announced)

3 unknown maps
innovative and completely new tech style
players will see all 3 maps before the tournament starts (screenshots)
for every match, each player chooses 1 map (a player with worse seeding chooses first)

Match style:
team mode until 5 points on each of 2 maps
each map counts for 1 point to the overall score
if the match ends up as a draw (1-1), the 3rd map will be played as a decider also until 5 points

After a match:
interview with the players

players will be able to cast the matches
new camera
non-stop webcam action from the house

Creators / admins
Jakub “kubayz” Faul
Erik “hakkiJunior” Leštach

prize pool of €1300
1st place: €700
2nd place: €400
3rd place: €200

I had a chat with Martin Kappa Krompolc about his thoughts on the event.

Hello and thanks for taking the time to talk to me about your recent Intel TheNesTM invite.

Hello KalKal, thanks for your interest to support me on this event! 🙂

You’re more than welcome Kappa. You’re part of the organisation now and we will do anything to support our player’s endeavours. For anyone un familiar with TM LANs, is this a yearly event?

No, this will be the the very first year of this event, which is kind of pity in my opinion. The format and atmosphere of this tournament will be different from the other events.

Are you expecting to place well or are you going for the experience for bigger events such as ESWC?

I have participated many LAN events, so I basically don’t have problems with playing with playing online or offline. The size of ESWC might have an impact on me, but that is something that might happen even to the better players.

How about placing? Look at the list of invited players, many come from respectable teams such as Dignitas and aAa. Are you confident to perform well or is there anyone that you’re going to keep an eye on?

All of the invited players have the highest expectations. I am aware I’m not one of the biggest favourites to win the tournament, but that might help me to not play under such pressure. Even though the players list is really strong, I still think I can perform well and bring home a nice placement.

Well I wish you the best of luck at the event next month. Thanks for your time Kappa

Thank you for the interview.

 Czech-Small Martin Kappa Krompolc


Imagine taken from Mania-Actu

You can find a full list of the invited players here and here.


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