League of Legends NLC UKLC Summer 2020


We were excited to be accepted for the recently announced NLC European Regional League as well as returning to field a roster in the UKLC.

We are proud to be one of the five teams to represent The UK & Ireland in the NLC, which is a newly formed Nordic, UK & Ireland league where the best are pitted against each other to week after week. We are delighted to have some returning players such as Monk and Mattheos as well as explore the talent that the Nordics has to offer with new faces joining MnM for the first time. Please welcome the NLC roster:

Elias Kakan EdlundTop Lane
Frank Aesthetic NorqvistJungle
Joosep Monk KivilaanMid Lane
Sander Barcode LaidreAD Carry
David Kalhira LyngbyeSupport
Veikka weka LindforsSubstitute Top Lane
Matthew Mattheos WoodsSubstitute Jungle
Ioannis Anonpsycko KounelisHead Coach
Razvan-Andrei SH4DOW NistorStrategic Coach
Daniel Yetz WestAnalyst

The UKLC has always been the staple of competitive play and integrity in the UK & Ireland, that is why we are ecstatic to be returning to the UKLC with our first Academy LoL team. The goal is to bring up UK talent and give them wings to reach the next level in their competitive career. We have brought together a mix of new and experienced for this team and look forward to seeing how they progress.

Adam Eragon HarneyTop Lane
Justin Gaduniker TanJungle
Antoine Vango TinguelyMid Lane
Harry Harry BuckleAD Carry
Adrian Dreampire KupferSupport
Tiffany Yanako ChongSubstitute Support
Regan Regan FarneySubstitute Support
Adrian Jamada Wharlton-ThorneHead Coach

We have one new face joining with Fresh managing the UKLC to ensure we all players and staff have the appropriate tools to help them succeed.

Jin KalKal ChungManager & Director
Daniel Javelin ChungManager & Director
Alex OfficerNaughty BowleyNLC Team Manager
Jonas Fresh BertigUKLC Assistant Team Manager


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