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LoL Team attending i56


It’s the time of the year again for Multiplay’s winter LAN, most commonly known as Insomnia Series. This iteration will be their 56th event to take place from the 11th – 13th of December and will take place in the Birmingham NEC (National Exhibition Centre) instead of the Coventry Football Arena. The prize pool will again be £5,000 with £2,500 up for grabs for first place.

Although Insomnia 55 did see a challenger team , EX Nihilio and recently qualified LCS team, Team Dignitas attend the event we unfortunately won’t be seeing them this event. However this doesn’t stop the competition being fierce with Team Infused being crowned ESL UK Premiership champions once again and retaining their record of not dropping a single map the entire season. FM eSports, Choke Gaming and Exertus eSports are all expected to make an appearance after all having qualified for the ESL UK Premiership LAN finals.

Prize Pool:
1st: £2,500
2nd: £1,000
3rd: £600
4th: £300
5th-8th: £150

As the event draws closer, we sadly announce the departure of Jorge “Nesquik” Ferreira and the joining of Reece “Nocturnal Plex” Hall. Nesquik has been a great player in the past few months, having shown his skill in the ESL UK Major by dominating the jungle but we felt that there was something lacking in the team which eventually led us to Reece. Reece has recently been playing for Choke Gaming after coming back from the NA CS scene in the summer and we hope his experience and skill as a player will bring us the crucial wins we need in this event.

The line-up is as follows:

(UK) Sam “Artorias” Willis – Top | Twitter
(UK) Reece “Nocturnal Plex” Hall – Jungle | Twitter
(UK) Callum “HalfPastThor” Headley – Mid | Twitter
(UK) Tom “SmokeyLemon” Griffiths – AD Carry | Twitter
(UK) Tom “Prosfair” Willis – Support | Twitter

We had a chat with HalfPastThor about how he is feeling about this event, having had a promising finish of 5th last iSeries:

With the recent departure of Nesquik so close to the event, do you still feel confident going into this event? Especially with the recent strong performances by Team Infused at the ESL UK Premiership LAN Final.

Yeah, I would feel confident regardless as the best way to go into an event is once games come around, I ignore the names of the players and only see the champions. I don’t disrespect or give too much respect to my opponents. I also have a large amount of trust and confidence in my team mates so this further cements my confidence.

Given the possiblity of a secured spot in the next season of the ESL UK Premiership, this event is a big stepping stone for the near future. Apart from a win. what are you looking to gain from this event?

Other than a win, I hope to improve our strategic knowledge; to gain experience as a team in general and to improve on things like best of threes and researching the opponents beforehand.

Watch the action live at the official Insomnia56 League of Legends stream and follow us on our website and social media for up to date coverage hubs about our experience and results at the event.

Insomnia’s Website here.


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