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A Mysterious Hearthstone Pickup


If you’ve just come over from the 1st episode of our brand new MnM News Show you’ll probably know by now that we have picked up a new Hearthstone player. As mentioned in the News Show Alister Mysterious Kerridge has joined MnM and is already looking to represent us at his first offline event this year at Meltdown Bar London (14th and 22nd January) . Mysterious will be competing in the Fireside Winter Tavern Hero Qualifiers where winning will allow him to take his first steps towards the Hearthstone Winter Championships! After that Mysterious will be looking to make an impact in the Hearthstone tournament

Tell us a little bit about yourself Alister.

Hello everyone, my name is Alister Mysterious Kerridge, I’m 26 and I’m really excited to have joined the MnM team as a Hearthstone player. I started my “Gamer career” 10 years ago by playing CounterStrike 1.6 and Warcraft 3 at a high level. I also really enjoy strategic games like MTG and Chess.

In real life I’m working as an Operation Manager and I’m black belt in Judo. I’m a very calm and motivated person who is always looking to improve by learning from my defeats.

How about your Hearthstone Career ?

I’ve been playing Hearthstone for a little over 2 years reaching the Legend rank 20 times. As I was always playing against top European players in the ladder, I decide to give playing seriously a shot and started subscribe to online tournaments.

After some good results, I became motivated to push harder and start playing offline tournaments in France. But after I moved to the UK last year for my personal work career I didn’t know at the time if I would be able to continue playing Hearthstone often. So I just put it in standby. It was a new scene and I knew nothing about it.

After few months, I realised that I had enough time to play and I decided to train hard. What happened as a result was that I competed in the ESL UK Premiership finishing third in two seasons.

What would you like to achieve with your time here at MnM?

I believe that I’ve found an organisation who are very friendly, very professional and can help and support me. I would like to make the name MnM shine in the Hearthstone scene as well as they have on other games. My main goals will be to perform well in UK offline tournaments and be one of the best UK Hearthstone players.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

For this new year 2017, I’m really looking forward for the 3rd Season of the ESL Premiership and the UK Masters. I hope there will be more offline tournaments where I can compete and show my worth.

Find and show you support for Alister Mysterious Kerridge on by commenting on the news show and we’ll be sure to pass on the message!

Or watch his interview last season with ESL UK below.

Photo: S.Lam| ESL | eslgaming.com
Video: ESL | eslgaming.com




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