Rainbow 6 Challenger League Roster Changes


Last week we announced the retirement of fonkers which left big shoes to fill as we move closer to the EU Challenger League 2021 season.

We are excited to announce fellow UKIN player Callum Neonical Humphreys join us as a transfer from Viperio 86. Neonical is a veteran of national leagues having competed in the Nordic, UK and Belenux leagues. He even took home the trophy in the Nordic Championship Season 4 (2019).

Very happy to join MnM and look forward to playing with players like Yuzus

Callum Neonical Humphreys

Our second player joining is a transfer from the Italian team GoSkilla, Fatih Solotov Türker. Although not as experienced as others in the team, we know that Solotov is more than capable to compete against the best.

I hope I can do what Nathan couldn’t with yuzus and win CL this season

Fatih Solotov Türker

Please join us in giving all players a warm welcome. The starting roster is as stands:
Leon neLo Pesic
Luke Tyrant Casey
Josh Yuzus Pritchard
Callum Neonical Humphreys
Fatih Solotov Türker


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