Rainbow Six Siege Division Closure


Rainbow Six has been a legacy here at MNM. We started back in 2018 without knowing that we were building a roster filled with GOATs which during their time here at MNM went from winning the ESL Premiership to EU Challenger and then onwards to win the ESL Pro League at Na’Vi.

With the third iteration of our Rainbow Six team is became clear that we were simply a GOAT farm. The roster went from a team of unknown players to the team that beat the likes of G2 and Team Vitality in the Six Invitational qualifiers. The team went on to qualify for the European Challenger league again before moving on to CR4ZY.

The legacy continued with the return with our latest iteration of the Rainbow Six roster saw us go on to win the inaugural season of the UK & Ireland Nationals and placing top in the EU Challenger League once again.

With all this being said it’s with great regret that we will be closing the Rainbow Six Team division. We believe that we should end on a high note and that we’ve been cursed to forever stay in the Challenger League like Sternab and will be leaving the scene effective immediately.

Thanks to the GOATs that came to support us through the years.



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