ESL UK Prem Summer Promotions


Over the past weekend recently formed UK CS:GO team had played in the ESL UK Premiership Summer Season Promotions after qualifying two weeks back.

The Promotion involves 8 team consisting of 4 teams invited from the previous Spring season plus another 4 teams from online qualifiers held a few weeks ago.

Invited Teams:

  • Choke Gaming
  • United Estonia
  • Good Looking Gamers
  • Perilous Rage

Teams entering through qualifiers:

  • Fish123
  • The Last Resort (Formerly Xpra)
  • CAZ Esports
  • Molotovs & Marshmallows

These teams were set to battle it out in a double elimination style tournament with the final four teams earning spots to compete in the Summer Season of ESL’s UK Premiership where offline finals are held at MCM Comic Con.

Given that the UK CS:GO team gained a spot through online qualifiers the team was given a low seed rating and in the team’s first game they were set to face Choke Gaming (formerly Malik Esports). Choke Gaming was a particularly difficult team to face given that they had recently reached the Round of 16 in the ESL’s Cologne 2015 EU Qualifiers, a feat that is no easy task. This was made a little more difficult with Joe “JT” Talbot unable to play due to work commitments clashing with ESL’s game schedule, thus requiring a substitute to take his place. The game initially was one sided in the first half with Choke taking the majority of the rounds on the CT side with differences in team synergies showing. However MnM managed to pick up the momentum towards the end of the first half but unable to continue it on to the end and finishing with 8 rounds to 16 against Choke.

Having lost the first game against Choke, MnM were eliminated down to the lower bracket and now face Perilous Rage in a best of 3. The team will need to win this game and the next against Good Looking Gamers if it is to take the spot for ESL’s UK Premiership.

We had to play with a last minute stand-in because of JT’s work commitments. This doesn’t entirely excuse the loss but it did set us at an instant disadvantage to not play with the usual 5. As for Perilous Gaming, we are confident in winning.

United-Kingdom-SmallTom vertiGo Rockliffe

You can find more information about the promotions here:



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