We are excited to announce that we have been invited to compete in The Machines Arena Championship 2021 (TMAC). TMAC is a 16-team tournament hosted by Directive Games on their upcoming title ‘The Machines Arena‘. The tournament being held from 1st to 3rd of October with $10,000 up for grabs.

Our roster for the tournament will have some familiar faces in the mix:

Matthew No Arm Whatley Whatley
Regan Regan Farney
Daniel DBL Christian-Lau
Adam Eragon Harney

Kalvin KalKal Chung

The Machines Arena Team (From left to right): No Arm Whatley, Regan, KalKal, DBL, Eragon


The Machines Arena‘ is a 4v4 top-down shooter where every battle is relentless and fast paced. The game features multiple game modes, each with its own objectives, challenges and map.


Attackers vs defenders. One team has to capture a bomb and deploy it at two different bomb sites whilst the other team tries to stop them. Set in a sunny science park the battle rages in and out of building as massive destruction ensues. 


The two teams battle it out in the neon lit city center at night. First team to reach a number of kills wins.


A cart full of explosives sits on rails in between two bases. The objective is to push the cart into the enemy base and stop the enemy from pushing it into yours. First team to push the cart over the finish line wins.


The Machines Arena
Tournament Information
Stream: twitch.tv/faceittv