TMGL 2020 Winter Split Starts


We are proud to be apart of the Trackmania Grand League which begins the 2020 Winter Split tomorrow. With our long history in Trackmania and the exciting arrival of Pac we are excited to see how the season ahead will look which we’re confident will be an exciting one.

The Driver: Pac

Thomas Pac Cole joined MnM back in October 2019  representing us at the TMGL Beta Edition playoffs at Paris Games Week where he narrowly missed out on the top finish but still came home with a podium. Having spoken to Pac back then he’s more than determined to take the win this split which he has put down to his competitiveness.

Team Manager: Speedy


Speedy has been an instrumental part of MnM’s Trackmania team for a long time which makes him the ideal canditate to represent MnM as the team’s manager during the TMGL 2020 Winter Split. He had the following words to say about his role:

2019 was a rough year for the team, but with TMGL coming up and the former World Champion Pac supporting us in it I’m confident that we can achieve great things and with that can bounce back as a team and get back en route to being among the best teams once more. TMGL is a great addition to our game, ever since TMPL we were missing a prestigious online solo competition. Now we have one again and already the Beta Season has proven how great it is. Thanks to SoftyB and Nadeo for bringing everyone together!

Broadcast: Turbo

Following Pac’s journey in the tournament will be Turbo who will be casting his games every week as he battles his way through the TMGL tournament. Turbo is an experienced in Trackmania who is passionate about both the game and casting, he had the following words to say:

I am really thankful that you give me the opportunity to cast for MnM during the TMGL tournament and look forward to the enjoyment that i have with both casting and the viewers in the upcoming games.

The Giveaway

In celebration of our participation in the Trackmania Grand League we have ten Trackmania Game keys to give away. Enter by clicking here and following the instructions.

Match Schedule and Times

Match 1 | Watch Here
Sunday January 5th 7PM GMT / 8PM CET

Match 2 | Watch Here
Sunday January 12th 7PM GMT / 8PM CET

Match 3| Watch Here
Sunday January 19th 7PM GMT / 8PM CET

Match 4 | Watch Here
Sunday January 26th 7PM GMT / 8PM CET

Match 5| Watch Here
Sunday February 2nd 7PM GMT / 8PM CET

Match 6 | Watch Here
Sunday February 9th 7PM GMT / 8PM CET

Friday February 28th At Lyon Esport Event (France)


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