TrackMania Premiership 15 Playoffs


The Trackmania 2 Stadium Competition Premiership Season 15 has finally come to an end after a rocky start from our first team.The team had initially lost their first few games against the power house that is Team Dignitas, Easy.eSports and Planetkey-Dynamics. This had placed us in a sticky situation of 5th place and we need to win our final games against AT.Gaming, aAa ad BX3.TP-Link. The team managed to win the last remaining games to bring us into 4th for the post season play-offs. The final standings for the team are as shown:

Team Placement Points Wins Draws Losses
Team Dignitas 1 15 5 0 1
PlanetKey-Dynamics 2 14 4 2 0
Easy.eSports 3 9 2 3 1
MnM Gaming 4 9 3 0 3
ATGaming 5 6 1 3 2
Against All Authority 6 2 0 2 4
BX3.TP-Link 7 2 0 2 4
Back 2 Business 8

The post season playoffs will be from 18th – 26th July with the first game being MnM vs the German organisation, Easy eSports. The game will be played on Saturday 18th July at 18:00 CEST. You will find more information about the playoffs on ESL’s website here. I spoke to our co-leader Joachim “xxRider” Andersen about his thoughts of making it into playoffs

After many attempts of trying to make it to the playoffs in an ESL CPS, the 15th edition finally went our way, we can now look forward to one of the most watched, and prestige filled Trackmania online tournament Play-offs, and what better team to meet than our longtime rivals easyKillers. The winner meet up in the semi-finals against Planetkey-Dynamics, followed by a grand finale against Team Dignitas. I hope that we will go the whole way, and I am thrilled that we reach this playoff with our new home MnM-Gaming!

Denmark Small Joachim “xxRider” Andersen

The good news doesn’t end there however as our second team (Indeed we have a second team! It’s a big professional family here at MnM) dominated the third league and secured their place in the second league. Perhaps in season 17 we will see two teams powering through the Premier League but for now I would like to congratulate the team on making it into the second league with a near undefeated track record for season 15. The final standings are below:

Team Placement Points Wins Draws Losses
MnM Gaming 1 15 5 0 1
MaDrivers Team 2 14 4 2 0
Team Q 3 11 3 2 1
SAW.TECH 4 6 1 3 2
eXception 5 5 1 2 3
Team Alphacore 6 4 1 1 4
Easy.eSports 2 7 3 1 0 4
Like a Sir 8

I managed to catch one of the Team Acer players who is now in the second MnM Gaming team, Emanuel “Sky” Skylan.

Finishing up 1st in the 3rd Division of the ESL 2015 wasn’t a big of a deal for our 2nd squad team, next ESL season we will be trying to handle and compete versus teams from 2nd Division, which will definitely be a much bigger challenge to us, and we will have to approach the teams with caution.
Croatia Small Emanuel “Sky” Skylan

You can find the full standings of all the teams for CPS Season 15 on ESL’s page herejoachim_TMStadium_isE00FSfffL-00fCfffhoco00fBfffurgerScreenShot01



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