UKLC Academy Update


UK League of Legends has always been a big part of MNM Gaming and is a major part of our history. We’ve been UK Champions 4 times and have been a part of the UKLC since its formation. Without the constant support of the League of Legends community we wouldn’t be here, which is why we believe that putting the community and players first is the important and have stuck by that philosophy in everything that we do.

Due to our recent relegation from NLC we’ve been in discussions with Dreamhack regarding the UKLC spot our Academy held. We are aware that the community have already voiced their opinions and thoughts about the current UKLC / UKEL / NLC ruleset on promotion and relegation spots. Unfortunately we would have to abide to the tournament rules and would have to sell our 2nd UKLC spot within 30 days.

However abiding by the rules doesn’t stop us from making our decision to forgo any monetary benefit from this 2nd UKLC spot and give it back to the community. We believe that giving UKEL teams a fair chance to qualify is important for long term competitive integrity, player progression and the UK competitive landscape overall.

Finally we’d like to wish all teams fighting in promotions the best of luck in their upcoming games and see them in the UKLC in the summer season.

Teams Competing in Promotion Series: Bulldog, Demise, Lucent, Viperio.
Date: 29th – 1st April (subject to change)




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