The first few weeks of UKLC have not been the most successful games for our team…until week 3. We started with playing against Week 1 Tower Champions, Excel, which was seen as a game that was heavily in their favour.

After some close victories, we took to face the Tower Champions FNATIC Rising and while we fell short on Day 2 of Week 3 we still have another chance to take the tower in Week 4 Day 1. For the meantime, we caught up with Monk. He is the Marksman / AD Carry for the team and received MVP twice in Week 3.

How did you feel after the Week 2 loss against Phelan?

I didn’t really care about losing in the first few weeks, as we were in the process of finding the team’s identity and how we would operate in the future.

What were your thoughts about the community and casters saying that you’ve not had the most consistent performance in the first 2 weeks?

As I mentioned earlier we were still in the process of finding the team’s identity so I was not solely paying much attention to my own gameplay. I don’t mind having a bad performance in the start as long as the team as a whole will perform better because of it, such as out scaling the opponent team. The only thing that matters to me is if we win.

How did you feel after beating Excel Academy in day 1?

It felt good to beat Excel just because they are supposed to be the better team. However, a more important reason for beating them is the confidence the team gained after the win. The team is improving much faster and everyone is finally trusting the calls that are being made.

The team finished second and have another chance at the tower on Wednesday – how do you feel about the team performance?

I think we have a better chance to beat FNATIC Rising next Wednesday (6th March) than we did this week. In week 3 the team was worn out after playing 2 very back and forth games before facing FNATIC. However, this time we will come in with a fresh mindset and try our best to make ourselves and our fans proud.

Any comments or last words for fans or followers of UKLC?

The team has had a slow start and we appreciate all the support we have had so far. I can assure you the team is consistently improving and we can’t wait to showcase that improvement each week. We are still aiming to be the best in UKLC.

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